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Babylon the Great as the United States of America

Babylon The Great

The expositional studies on this page are dedicated to discerning if the United States of America is mysteriously disguised in the prophecies of Jeremiah and John in The Revelation as Babylon The Great. Originally they were done in response to reading excerpts of the book, America The Babylon, authored by teacher Richard Coombes who maintains the prophetic website

Richard Coombes isn't the first teacher to author a book on this subject. In 1968, Zondervan Publishing Co. published a book written by Dr. S. Frank Logsdon titled The U.S.A. In Prophecy. Zondervan stopped publishing the book about 30 years ago. Dr. Logsdon formerly pastored Moody Bible Church and worked for the Lockman Foundation on the translation of the New American Standard Bible. Logsdon has since expressed regret at his involvement in the NASB translation and returned to using the KJV. A copy can be purchased through the prophetic website

In 2000, Dr. Noah W. Hutchings of the Southwest Radio Bible Church ministry, authored the U.S. In Prophecy which includes Dr. Logsdon's book The U.S. In Prophecy. More recently, teacher Peter Goodgame of has published an e-book on his site titled American Babylon.

These materials are mentioned to point out the fact that the idea that America could be Babylon The Great of Revelation 17-18 fame isn't some new "kooky" idea. This well researched and well studied prophecy has been around the church for almost 40 years or longer. The study on this site includes some deeper exegetical work in some areas than I have read which have served to confirm to my spirit that the United States of America is indeed identified in the Bible by the description as the One Babylon of Revelation 17-18 named Babylon The Great.

The e-book entitled simply Mystery, Babylon The Great can be accessed in PDF form by clicking the hyperlink below.

Mystery, Babylon The Great (2005)

As a biblical response to the 2009 global financial meltdown crisis, I've summarized material from Mystery, Babylon The Great and added new material. The title of this e-book is Abominable Economics Anger God.

This 36 page biblical message looks at the Federal Reserve System, Globalization of Financial Capitalism, American Imperialism, The Beast, The Little Horn, The False Prophet. It applies Jesus' teaching found in the Parable of the Sower to the question, "what can we do?" which is currently being asked by many in response to the current economic meltdown.  

Abominable Economics Anger God  (1/2009)

The e-book The New Freedom below was written by President Woodrow Wilson in 1913. It still speaks today concerning the corruption of corporatism, the new order, and Federal Reserve Banking. It's worth noting that this man was insightful and courageous enough to admit the hard truth about the corrupt values of America's new order when today's lukewarm 501c3 church embraces what he both feared and loathed.  

The New Freedom (U.S. President Woodrow Wilson 1913)

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